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What Décor Style is your Home?

How would you describe your home’s décor? Is it Contemporary with recessed track lighting, glass table tops and over-sized soft furniture in various shades of brown?

Perhaps it is Industrial with hard lines, concrete floors, exposed beams and open spaces?

Maybe it is a random mix of pieces you’ve acquired over the years? According to Home Stratosphere there are 22 different styles of homes for 2020.

Traditional Style Modern Style Contemporary Transitional Mid-Century Nautical/Coastal Shabby Chic Industrial Mediterranean Eclectic Farmhouse Scandinavian Craftsman Rustic Southwestern Asian Victorian Hollywood Glam Minimal Vintage Bohemian Tropical

That’s a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the right style for your home, your family and your needs. We are breaking down our top 5 favorite décor styles below.


This style is considered orderly and predictable. Traditional décor is simple and peaceful and is about comfort, warmth and familiarity. The furniture is classic and might feel outdated. Typically, the furniture and accessories are placed in pairs and centered in the room.


As you would expect this décor embraces the ocean, beach and all aspects of living on the coast. The color pallet tends to be light and airy with lots of various shades of blues and greens with some pinks, oranges or reds thrown in for a splash of color. The furniture is relaxed and simple.


Farmhouse decor is a combination of styles that exude a combination of rustic, traditional and modern elements decorated to present a warm and chic home. Imagine white shiplap walls, wide wood plank floors, a comfortable sofa paired with accent furniture in reclaimed wood and antique pieces in metal and stoneware.


This style is the perfect combination of comfort, design and practical décor combined to create a warm and inviting home. Natural materials such as wood, particularly reclaimed wood along with metal accents in iron, copper or brass are used throughout the home.


Transitional style is the balance of classic decor with a touch of chic and function. It is the perfect combination of stylish home decor styles. Colors tend to be neutral like gray, cream, taupe and black. Bold furniture in suede, chenille and leather paired with accessories in metallic and mirrored glass give a home a sophisticated feel.

We encourage you to do your research on all of these decor styles. You may discover that your home doesn’t match your true style. Or you made find that you and your home are balanced in style and function. If it is time for a refresh, it is as simple as starting with one room at a time to make your home your perfect abode. Happy styling!


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