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Add Some Warmth with Pillows

With Fall in full swing and Winter right around the corner, adding some warmth into your decor is a must! Style My Abode's favorite, easiest and budget friendly tip is simply to SWAP OUT YOUR THROW PILLOWS! Here are some of Style My Abode's favorites.

Texture, texture, texture!!! Velvet, chunky knit, suede, fur & chenille are the fabrics you want when snuggling up on the couch.

Add some drama to your room with pillows in fun bold colors. These pillows are sure to take the winter blues away!

West Elm Pillows

If you shy away from patterns, trust me when I say don't! Patterns add dimension (warmth) to a room. Pick a color and vary the patterns from small to large.

Restoration Pillows

So grab a book, a cozy blanket and snuggle up with your favorite throw pillow!

Happy Styling!


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