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Bare Stairs

When we bought our home, the staircase did not have carpet, but I knew it was going to be one of the first things we tackle. We have a two-story foyer, and the naked stairs made the area very echoey. Not to mention the stairs were very slippery when my three little (well not so little anymore...weep weep) kids would be running up and down them.

When choosing what stair runner to use the options are endless! Not to get confused with carpeted stairs, a stair runner shows the hardwood on either side and are bound on the sides for a finished look. Stair runners add a pattern or color to a space that can otherwise be boring giving it style and character. They can be a huge focal point especially if the stairs are by your entryway or in an area that has heavy foot traffic. A stair runner can also significantly reduce noise and provide traction for safety.

Below is a picture of what we have in our home followed by a great DIY tutorial and some timeless runners.

My Home

Head on over to Ashley's blog Cherished Bliss if you are feeling a DIY project in your future.

Source : westoncarpet


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