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Our 3 Easy Steps to Styling Any Shelf

1. Decide on color scheme or theme for the shelf

2. Gather your décor items

Shop your home first because its inviting to have your shelves filled with items that have meaning to you. Once those items are gathered look to see if anything coordinates. Next go shopping. Pick items in various shapes and textures. We like to use mirrors, books, succulents, candles and vase with faux stems.

3. Start Styling

Your going to want to group items in odd numbers, 3 – 5 – 7.

A. Add layering objects first (a mirror, artwork or photo to prop

against the back wall) Max of 3

B. Position the largest items next (these should be in various heights)

C. Finally add smaller items to fill in the empty spaces

Loving all the greenery on these shelfs that were decorated by Jade & Brittany at The Beauty Revival.

Loving these simple clean shelfs from Carissa over at Bless This Nest blog.


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