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Simple DIY Lighting

Are there areas in your home that you wish had lighting but there isn't electrical wiring and you don't want to pay an electrician? Look no further! I recently added lights above our dart board and it was so simple and easy and no wiring needed!

This is what I used:

All of my supplies came from Lowe's making it an easy one stop shop! The light fixture, puck lights (it came with three so I had one left over), outlet sockets, mounting tape and batteries were $103. This DIY only required a drill, a tape measure, and a pencil.

1. Mark off on the wall where you want to hang your light. Screw the brackets on the wall.

2. Screw the outlet socket into the light fixture (where you would put the light bulb).

3. Attach the puck lights to the outlet socket using the mounting tape (the puck lights came with velcro but I found that the mounting tape was a more secure fit).

4. Once the puck lights are inside each light fixture (each puck light is battery operated and requires three AA batteries), put the light fixture up and attach the final bolt to hold it in place.

5. Use your remote the turn them on and voila! Simple and easy DIY lights!

When it comes time to replace the batteries you just need to unscrew the top part of the puck lights...super easy.

Here was my final project:

Happy DIYing!


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