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To Faux or Not to Faux

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE real flowers. I treat myself to fresh flowers every week and create my own arrangement. I put that masterpiece on my kitchen island to enjoy everyday. Flowers bring me joy as they hit most of the senses with their colors, textures & smells.

As an interior stylist, I love incorporating greenery, stems and florals into my clients' designs. They fill empty corners in rooms, provide texture and height where needed and add a pop of color. Real plants and flowers require upkeep that most people don't have the time for not to mention they are an added expense. So enter the world of FAUX greenery, stems and florals.

Every store from Michaels to Pottery Barn sells some sort of faux greenery, stem or floral. Here are my all time favorite faux greenery, stems and florals from Amazon.


Greenery doesn't just have to be a faux plant. Don't get me wrong I love faux plants! I am currently looking at one in my basement office as I type this blog. But let's think outside the faux plant box for a moment. Find a large bowl like this gold bowl from Amazon and fill it with mini faux plants as shown below.

Here is my favorite bowl again but filled with green moss balls and vine balls. Hard to say which look is my favorite.


Raise your virtual hand if you love Pampas! Pampas is essential dried grass that is such a versatile stem. It is available in real and faux versions. You can use pampas in your home year round but I prefer to decorate with pampas in the fall.

This 44" tall pampas is so soft and perfect for filling an empty corner in your home. Just add an oversized vase, fluff the pampas and viola!

Did you know?? To fluff your pampas, place in a vase outside in the sun. The sun will get those babies fluffed up in less than an hour.

The pampas shown below is sold as a bundle of 3 varieties. Have fun styling them as 1 arrangement or 3.

Now when I tell you I have ordered pretty much every green stem out there, none compare to these olive branch stems. Absolute stunners as far as faux stems go. They look real and can easily be used in both short and tall vessels.


Faux flowers, in my opinion, are mostly a miss. They are either off in color, sparse in size or have stems that scream fake. These hydrangeas however are perfection! They feel like silk, can easily be fluffed and shaped.

So what team are you? Team Real or Team Faux

Happy Styling!



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